Is there a way for the client to navigate from a list of the screens/sections shared?

Im migrating to figma from invision/adobeXd and im a little bit worried.
My last big project had around 100 screens divided in several sections in invision but if I had to do this project in figma I dont see how I could emulate something like this. If the client wants to go to the screen 49 does she have to go though all the previous ones? Can I set up sections so the client see that and can navigate easier? (like, this are the screens of the shop, and these are the screens about your company and so on)

If the screens/sections are organized into pages, you can use the page navigation menu in the top left corner of the Figma interface. Clicking on the page name will open a dropdown menu that lists all the pages in the file, and you can click on a page name to navigate directly to that page.