Is there a simpler way to invite users and grant permissions

I am a Design Ops Lead. Our organization uses SCIM for provisioning. Currently, the process for adding new users is tagging me in a Jira ticket to grant permission to the user via the Figma admin panel. Until the user logs in, I cannot grant those permissions, so I send an email advising the user to log in via SSO. Let me know when they have logged in, and then I can grant permissions. This seems like a lot of steps. Is there a simpler way?

SCIM, SSO, Admin, Members, Permissions

Hey @Erin_Connors – I’m afraid I don’t know the answer for this. It sounds like you may be on an enterprise plan. Have you filed a ticket with support since posting this? If so, can you tell me the case number you were assigned?

If you haven’t yet, please file one here, and then let me know when you’ve done so. Please provide the case number you receive.

Thank you!

No, I haven’t submitted a support ticket. I’m generally looking to see if other admins are following a similar process. It seems like I should be able to grant users their permissions once they have been provisioned rather than having to email them to log in, have them email me to let me know they logged in, and then grant permissions.