Is There a getVideoByHash(video.videoHash) Function

Hello, I’m developing a plugin, and have been able to bring images to my Express app in a POST by let image = figma.getImageByHash(paint.imageHash)
and then running image.getBytesAsync(). Then sending this uint8Array to Express/Multer.

Are there going to be similar functions added for video? I tried accessing a video in a prototype using its hash i.e. figma.getImageByHash(video.videoHash) but no luck. Sorry if this isn’t very clear. Thanks and love all the cool new features!

All the best, Edan

Yes this will be added.

Update: I misunderstood the question, thought you meant all video APIs but those are already available. Getting an uploaded video from Figma seems to be not possible currently and I saw no mention of it ever becoming available. But it probably should be released at some point of course.