Is it possible to have a logo component that adjust size by itself without destroying the layout

Hi everybody,

I’m currenlty building a design system/UI Kit and I run into a problem that I have 0 Idea how to fix so hopefully somebody here understands my problem and knows how to solve it.

The idea is to have a Logo component where people could add their Logo and it will apear automaticlly on all Navbars/Footers/etc and usually that is simple but the problem I run into is that I can’t controll the size of the new Logo people might upload into my file.

In a perfect world I would tell the logo to have a fixed height and the lengths will adjust with would be perfect but how can I force a logo/group within a component to have a certain height?

I hope I could make myself clear because I didnt found a good way of googling it and I feel at that point I’m overthinking it.

Hopefully somebody is able to help