Is it possible to get information about nested instances from the plugin API?

I’m looking to get data about nested instances in components for a plugin I’m working on. I’d also be keen to know if there’s a Figma plugin developer community I can join too.


You can find all nested instances in the component’s children array and get the information you need.

You can ask questions, leave feedback and bug reports here on the forum, in the Plugin and Widget API and REST API categories. Also, you can join the developers server on Discord: Friends of Figma.

Thanks @tank666! I’ll try that but I’m not sure I’ll get the info I need from a recursive function over all a component’s children and all their children. I’m specifically looking for nested instances that are available to interact with from the main component, not just child components within a parent component.

Judging by your screenshot, these are exposed instances.

Ahh, that might work… although I was trying to access that information from ComponentNode or ComponentSetNode. I guess I can create an instance, get what I need and delete the instance. Thanks again!

It is not necessary to create an instance. You can traverse the tree of a component’s children and check the isExposedInstance property on instance nodes.