Is it possible to disable or hide variants within a component?

s it possible to disable variants within a component?
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 4.40.43 pm

Basically, If I want to disable the properties that I highlighted in the screenshot but within a variant. Which means, I need those properties with some specific CTA and also need to hide them in some other CTAS

Hi @Donggoo_Paik
It is not possible at the time to hide a variant property of a component. But you can do it with boolean property

  1. Remove the two variant property Icon(right) and Icon(left)
  2. Select all you Icon(right) on your component and then go to the right panel, on the Layer section, click on the Apply boolean property icon at the far right
  3. Redo the step 2 for Icon(left)
  4. In the specific variant where you don’t want this two icons to be played with, just delete them.

No when you make an instance of your component with the specific variant the icon property won’t show

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