Invalid image or thumbnail removed

Hi, in the last day or two I’ve noticed that some of my images have disappeared from my designs. All images are PNGs and when i try to reupload them I get the “Invalid image or thumbnail is removed” message. Now I would be OK with this if it happened to every PNG as then it may be a location issue but some of the same PNGs are showing in other frames? There doesn’t seem to any logic to it, some of them are showing, some of them are not and it wont let me reupload the PNG?! Any ideas?

Hi there,

Thanks fore the post! The most common reason you’ll see an “An invalid image or thumbnail was removed” error message is if there’s an image in the elements you’re copying that isn’t able to be pasted because it’s ‘invalid’ or corrupted in some way.

For the images that aren’t pasting over, can you try the following:

  1. In the original file select the image
  2. In the dev mode panel, open CSS view
  3. Use the ‘File name’ link to open the source image in a new browser tab
  4. If the image loads there, right click to copy and paste or save and insert it into your new file.

I hope it helps but please let us know how that works!