Introducing Parrot - Translation Management right within Figma 🦜

Hey Figma community!

I’m thrilled to introduce “Parrot,” a powerful plugin that simplifies the translation management process right within Figma. If you deal with multilingual design projects and want to streamline your translation workflow, this plugin is for you! :earth_americas:

Key Features:

  1. Design in Different Languages: Create and manage multiple language versions of your designs within the same Figma file. Say goodbye to swiching interfaces for text and translation managment - all right within figma.
  2. Translation Keys Made Easy: With Parrot, managing translation keys has never been more convenient. Assign unique keys to design elements and update them directly within Figma.
  3. Import from Android and iOS: Seamlessly import existing translation keys from Android and iOS projects or i18Next JSON files to jumpstart your localization efforts.
  4. Export with Ease: Effortlessly export your translated content to Android and iOS projects for a smooth handoff to developers. i18Next and CLI support is also coming soon!

How It Works:

  1. Install Parrot from the Figma plugin library.
  2. Select any design element you wish to translate and assign a translation key.
  3. Use Parrot’s intuitive interface to manage translations and update content directly within Figma.

Why Parrot?

  • Save time and effort with in-app translation management.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team on multilingual projects.
  • Empower developers with translation-ready designs without the need for manual translation key handling.

I’d love to get your feedback on this plugin and how it can be further improved to meet your needs. Feel free to try it out and let me know your thoughts!

Get Started: You can find “Parrot” in the Figma plugin library here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing how Parrot can take your localization workflow to new heights! :rocket:

Happy designing!

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I could translate the 18 pages of the book designed in Figma within three days (4 hours per day).
The last job I need to do was request proofread my coworkers.

Productivity Increased!


Hey @JaeHwan_So,

wow not quit the use case i intended but great it helped you get your work done.

If you have any feedback or ideas. More than happy to chat in discord (inlang).

Looking forward

Best Regards

Do we have api support to extract message json file using web api

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Hey @Rahul_Sharma3,

In the current iterations i focus on the design side - but development integration will follow for sure.

The feature you requested is something I plan to build for sure but no ETA yet. parrot/ at main · parrot-global/parrot · GitHub

If you would like to share further feedback - don’t hesitate to join the discord channel, happy to hear your thoughts!

@Rahul_Sharma3 quick follow-up question:
What export format would you need the messages in? Is there any specific framework you use the messages in at the moment?