Introducing i18n with variables - A translation or content management system with Figma variables

Hi all!

I built a i18n with variables plugin that can help you establish a Translation Management or Content Review System right within Figma with Figma String variable.

Problems to solve

One useful use case for Figma String variable is design localization or content review (like mentioned in this Youtube video) , but they come with certain drawbacks that this plugin aims to solve:

  1. Creating variables, and attaching variables to text layers is very time consuming for a large design file or a complex prototype
  2. Difficulty in identifying text layers that are without attached variables later on
  3. Not easy to create variables in bulk


  1. Display all visible text under a Figma layer as an editable table
  2. Create and assign variables for each text with ease
  3. Auto create variables in bulk
  4. Search and filter the table to quickly identify a text layer that needs to be assigned a new or existing variable
  5. Import and export the text and variables

Playground file

Please see the playground file for more tutorials!

If you have any questions or feature suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!