Interactive dropdown component

So I built this really cool dropdown menu component last year. The input is a component with different variants (hover, selected, disabled, show menu and error) states. The dropdown menu it contains is also a component made up of 6 button components wrapped in a frame. When I use it in other projects and “hide” buttons in the dropdown the actual height of the dropdown component gets shorter. When I used it in a new prototype this morning and clicked one button to hide it, ALL buttons in the dropdown disappear. I can’t hide a single button without all of them disappearing. Not the desired effect I am going for and not the way it worked for the last 6 months. Is there a reason it doesn’t work the way it has for the last 6 months anymore?

Hi @David_D, Thank you for reaching out about this issue. I completely understand the frustration when something doesn’t work as expected.

The behavior you described does seem unusual.
To help us better visualize this issue, could you please provide a brief video recording or screenshots of two issues (dropdown height gets shorter / all buttons in the dropdown disappear) regarding that component you are encountering?
It would be beneficial to have the entire Figma screen visible, including the properties and layers panels on the left and right side, as well as expanding the relevant layers.

This additional information will assist our community to see the same issue as you and determining if we can replicate the same behavior.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything else I may have missed.

We also welcome any insights or suggestions from our community!


I don’t know how it happened and I’m kinda embarrassed but when I dug in I found that the text on the actual button got turned into a variable. When I got rid of that, it started acting like it did before. I looked for a place to remove this post yesterday but didn’t see one.

Thank you SO much for replying. My company switched to Figma from XD at the end of last year and I’m so very happy they did. I love this product and enjoy my job that much more.

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