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Interactive components not working when nested inside a main component

Hello, I found out that if i create an interactive component (ex: Button), and place it inside a a main component (obsiously as an instance), the interactions are no longer working.
But if you create an instance of the parent component, then it all works as expected.


I ran into the same thing. It looks like a click interaction (on click, mouse down, mouse up, while pressing) will work, but mouse enter / mouse leave / while hovering doesn’t.

Same issue here. I have a dropdown interactive component with the expanded and collapsed state as variants, then I have an instance of that in another component. I initially joined the beta to see if this would solve this, but I guess there are still some bugs to fix :confused:

Partial interaction working for me. I have a button nested in parent component. The mouse-in state triggers, but mouse-leave and on-click are not working. Button component stays in its hover state until I restart the animation with a refresh, etc.