Interactive components not working outside the parent component page

Hello! It seems that I have a bug related to interactive components.

They only work when I create the variants and the interaction within the same page as the prototype (When I copy/paste the instance in another page, they stop working alltogether)

Trying to look for a solution, I realised that I can’t see the option “enable interactive components” in my app.

I tried deselecting everything and even searching it with “help” but it doesn’t seem to be avaiable. Is there a reason for this? How could I fix it?

@Antia_Garcia Hmm. Can you send over some other details?

Is this happening in one single file, or are you seeing the option disabled across all files you’re building prototypes on?

If it’s just one file, were you able to enable interactive components in the past, and they suddenly stopped working?

Also, just to cover all bases: are you using the mac or windows desktop app?

Hi @ksn , it happens across all files, I’ve never seen the option, actually, so it never worked for me. Coudl it be that it’s only avaiable for paid subscriptions?

I’m using the mac app on Ventura 13.4

I’m senting a test link, and a screenshot of the prototype bar I see:

Goooot it - Thanks for the extra info!

Also, I need to clarify a bit on my end: there is no longer a specific button or toggle to enable interactive components, as they are now enabled by default.

There previously was an option to turn these on and off in order to optimize app performance, but our team has since removed this because they’ve made general performance improvements that no longer necessitate this.

Let me check on the copy + pasting instance question you had. I’ll check back here once I get more info.

Thanks! good to know the specific button doesn’t exist anymore. If I could have more clarity on the copy/paste, would be great.

@Antia_Garcia I went in with another teammate, and we were able to see the behavior you mentioned.

It looks like your prototype includes overlays – when you preview it on the original page that includes the overlay, it works as you would expect it to.

If you copy + paste it into a different page – the overlay behavior (in this case, the hover action) doesn’t transfer over.

This behavior is actually expected at this time. It’s a limitation on our end when it comes to overlays. The overlay would need to exist on each page you have the interactions on since they’re not really packaged “together” with other components.

Hope that clarifies a bit :sweat_smile: