Interactive components not resetting - what's the workaround?

I navigate to a page, and my interactive components cause the title to fly in from the left. I navigate to another page, and interactive components now cause that page’s title to fly in from the left. HOWEVER,

If I visit either of those pages again, those components are in the same state I left them - they don’t restart. The titles are just there, in their “done” state. In simplest terms, it’s like figma is caching the screen instead of reloading it.

People have been talking about this bug for a long time here, which is plenty of time for someone to have come up with a workaround. So …what’s the workaround?

This behavior is helpful if, for example, you’re building a multipage form, and you expect checkboxes and radios to remember their state as you move back and forth. But I don’t want it to remember, I need every page to open as if it’s the first time. There’s gotta be a way.