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Interactive Component not working in overlay

I created a filter menu where every list item is an instance of the same interactive component to manage a hover state.

When putting an instance of the filter menu straight on a frame, the interactive component works as expected. When hooking it up to the dropdown button and letting it appear as an overlay, the filter menu does appear but the interactive components aren’t working… i.e. no hover states.

I have (what I think is) the same problem—in particular, when nesting an instance of an interactive component within another component (interactive or not), none of the hover interactions work.

  • Page design (non-interactive component)
    • List
      • List items (interactive components) :x: No interactions
    • Modal (non-interactive component, shown as an overlay)
      • Buttons (interactive components) :x: No interactions

They work if, say, neither the modal or the page design frame are done as components. That’s not really a workable solution, though; I don’t want to have to sacrifice maintainability of my designs/artboards for maintainability of my components. :unamused:

Experiencing the same problem.
If I use an interactive component in a page component, it will not work in the prototype when going to that page component. However it works on an instance of that page component.