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Interactive component is not working with figma mirror

The interactive component isn’t working with figma mirror, though it’s working completely fine with Desktop prototype


I noticed i could not get a checkbox example to work on the sides of the screen in figma mirror. But when i moved them to the center of the frame it worked just perfectly. Im wondering if there is something wrong there?

The function is awsm! But indeed, I thought it wasn’t working, but it does its job on desktop. Would love to see it working on Figma Mirror, because I design for my phone.

Same here.

I actually found out that if you are working in mirror for a while and then add new interactions, these may not work until you refresh… I suggest you refresh your browser/app when updating/adding interactions, cause mirror is not always getting the update.

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This did the trick for me, was really scratching my head until I tried refreshing the mirror. Thanks for the tip!