Interactions are missing after closing the Figma

Hello everyone.

I wanted to ask if any of you guys have experienced the same thing as me and what solutions you have found related to this issue.

Briefly, I want to create a flow of an application in Figma and I have connected and set up interactions both between components and between pages as needed and everything works perfectly as I want. However, the next day when I opened Figma, some interactions were missing especially those related to overlays (although there were some that were not overlays also missing). At first I thought it was because the interactions I had connected earlier were not saved due to internet connection issues so I re-connected the missing interactions. But I encountered this problem not once or twice, but up to four times and all the missing interactions were located in the same place every time. I have tried several approaches such as ensuring that the internet connection is not lost, Figma files are saved before I close the application, clearing the browser cache, and trying to use Figma both through the browser and application. However, this still happens. Any solutions everyone?

Thank you.

Hi there,
Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the interactions!
If you check the version history of the file, are you able to find a version with the interactions showing? Here are the steps to do this: View a file’s version history
Please note that to see the prototype connections in a previous version, you’d need to restore or make a duplicate of the previous version, as when you view the file in version history mode you will not be able to see the prototype connections in the prototype tab until you do that.

To restore your file to an older file version, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on an empty spot in the canvas to deselect any layers.
  2. In the toolbar, click the next to the file name.
  3. Select Show Version History from the options.
  4. Figma will show the file’s version history in the right sidebar.
  5. Click on the previous versions of the file to preview the old versions and see if your missing interactions are appearing
  6. If you find a version where the interactions are shown as expected right click or click on the “…” 3 dot menu
  7. From this menu you can either Duplicate the version to your Drafts or Restore the file to this version

Please let us know if you’re not able to find an old version where the interactions are showing.

Also, if you’d like us to take a closer look at this file, can you add as an Editor to the file (this won’t affect your billing at all), and send us the different steps you have done by filling this form here:

Hope it helps!

Hello there.

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for your reply. However, I have several question related to this.

First, how can we check the interaction and prototype link between pages in Figma in the version history? Because when I opened the version history menu, I can only see the design, but not for the prototype link so I cannot check whether the prototype connections are missing or not.

Second, can we restore only few pages only in Figma? Because I already did a lot of major change in the file and if I have to restore to the old version, it means I lost the changes that I’ve made up to now.

Thank you.

Hi Denzel,
Thank you for the details! First of all, you have to restore or make a duplicate of the previous version, so you can view the file in version history mode and the prototype tab. If this doesn’t work, could you please reach out directly the support with a copy of your file so they can investigate further here:

Please use your address mail linked to your Figma account, you add as an Editor to the file (this won’t affect your billing at all) and a link of your file. Thank you!

(And, about restoring only few pages, this is not possible unfortunately. Figma will restore fully the pages).