Instances of my component are not showing up

Instances of some of my components are not showing up in my Figma file.

I added instances of this component to my file last week and they worked perfectly, however I logged in today and the instances are no longer showing up. I can click on them and see their label in the left side bar, but their content is not displaying. This is happening to multiple components in the same library, but not all of them.

How can I resolve this issue?

Hello is anyone able to help me with this issue? The problem persists and is affecting many of my components across my files.

Here is a screenshot example. This icon component is not showing up in my file.

Hi @kelli1, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your instances!

Can you try the following to see if it helps? Don’t worry - republishing the library will not break the library connections.

  1. Go to the library file and click on the library icon in the assets panel to open the team library modal
  2. Click on the current file
  3. Click “Unpublish file” at the bottom of the modal
  4. Re-open the team library modal
  5. Click “Publish file”
  6. Go to the subscribed file to accept library updates
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