Instanced component's variants don't receive updates?

I stumbled upon a weird bug I can’t seems to be able wrapping my head around. My usecase is as following:

In my library file I have a local component with 2 variants called “Component content”. There’s the default variant “Green” and another one “Red”. This is instanced inside the black “Component” component, with “Component content” set to default green.

My issue is that as soon I use “Component” in other files, and make changes to any variant of “Component content” other than green, they do not propagate to instances of “component content” within “component” in other files. See demonstration below.

The library is working as intended. When I change order of text and shape in variants, both instances of “Component” reflect them:

Then I have a file using the library with component, and two instances of said component, setting nested instance within it of “Component content” to green and red. After updating the libraries from first video, ONLY the “Component content” green is updated, red retains old order unless I reset all overrides:

Any idea what is happening and how I can fit it? The way I see it, it seems that updates to non-default variant of a local component instances elsewhere are ignored.

Library file: Figma

Design file: Figma


Experiencing the same thing here in combination especially with with slot components.

To reiterate the problem stated above, I have a top-level menu component with child menu item components in an auto-layout container. The menu items have basic variants with states as you’d expect, e.g., default, hover, selected.

Currently, the selected state has a background color of black. I then bring that menu component into another file that has access to the library. If I were to set that menu’s menu items content and states throughout many flows (many times) over, then go back to the source component to change the background color of the selected state of the menu item component, then publish, those changes don’t reflect in any file consuming that top-level component that use that specific variant.

What’s interesting is that the menu component instance in use in that file won’t receive the update, but if I were click into the menu item instance (where the background color change happened), reset changes, I then am able to see the update, but non of the other menu items will get the updates until I manually reset those as well.

It’s frustrating having to tell my team to reset changes and apply the updates manually.

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Looks like I’m having a similar problem. As far as I can tell, I’m following best practices for building variants. No matter what I do, additional variants I create do not get reflected in the side menu. Grrr. :-/


I’m having this same issue. Has anyone found a solution?

Having the same problem after moving components into a different file. Any solution to manually rescan nested instances for updates? @Figma_Support

Same here. Anyone with a solution? I cannot ask the entire team to spend time in: deleting the instance, reimport it, reapply all the changes (as it seems the only way to have the new variant options available)

Same problem here with slot components. Variants that used to update are no longer receiving structural changes from their original component. I have to detach it.

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This is still an issue for some of my older components that are in widespread use & it’s pretty frustrating.

From what I can see it’s not an issue for newly created components, ie. if I recreate the exact same component, component instances nested within it now receive updates correctly. Though it’d be a huge amount of work to recreate all the relevant master components that have other components nested within it & then replace it across multiple files & pages.