Inline text that has a hover state

Hi, I want to create a list of links that have an arrow appear in the hover state. For the life of me I cannot figure this out and I feel like it should be so easy. I can achieve it very easily in xD but I’m not able to work it out in Figma.

Any tips please??

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging.

Thanks for flagging. As I shared with the internal team, we might need a little more investigation on this. Would you be able to file a ticket via this form, Our technical quality team will look into it.


As far as I know, there isn’t a solution, for now :frowning:

The workaround, for now, is to create the link component with the state default and hover. Then, you place the component with Absolute Position on top of the text. But it might not work very well because the icon occupies more space, which would should naturally make the text move :sweat_smile: