Increase "Tidy up" limit

I’m trying to make layers tidy, and when the layers count is more than 99, tidy becomes disabled.

@anon21722796 is there a reason for this? Perhaps performance related but it would be nice to have a flag to increase the limit

I struggled with this just now too, I don’t know if it applies to your issue but here goes.

I think Tidy up tidies things up either horizontally or vertically, but it has to make sense of which way you want it first.

I selected a title, a body text and two buttons that were in line with each other. I tried to tidy up and it wouldn’t let me because of the buttons that were in line.

Once I selected the title, the body text and just one button background without the text, it allowed me to tidy up (it knew it had to spaced them out vertically).

Do this: select multiple objects and instead of expecting it to tidy up smartly, just tell it on which axis it should tidy.

(version 1) design > first row of icons > the arrow down next to tidy up > the distribute vertical or horizontal spacing


(version 2) ALT + SHIFT +V (distribute vertical spacing)
ALT + SHIFT + H (distribute horizontal spacing)

Thanks, @Matilde_Miller
I use Tidy Up to do this.

Hey folkz!
I just released a plugin to solve the limitation of tidy up feature. Check them out!


CC: @Jesse_Kirkcaldy-Lash