In the team library tutorial file, how were the symbols for cursor and book created?

I am new to Figma and just went through some tutorial files about team library.’s-team-library?type=design&t=vFQzX3wBF9H01S0F-6
I could not figure out how does the file get the symbols for the cursor and book.
From the layers panel, it seems that they are a single layer, instead of a multi-layer object.
Any ideas how they are eastablished?
Thank you very mcuh!

I was wondering are they drawn with the Pen tool?

Hey Jim,
Yes this looks like it was drawn with the Pen tool!
If you’d like we double check, would you mind share your file to ‘anyone with the link’? (I can’t have access to the file). Thank you

Thank you Celina. I just confirmed that it was drawn with Pen tool. Thank you for your quick response.

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