In Design System, a non-existent component has appeared

In the design system of our asset library, an invisible component named “button-circe” was discovered, which, according to the asset search, refers to the master element in the “Draft Components” file. However, attempting to access its properties results in an error with the message “Unable to load. Something went wrong. Try closing this window and reselecting the component”.

When I try to find this component in the “Draft Components” document, the search yields no results, indicating its absence from the system.

This component represents an outdated version of another existing component and was removed from the system some time ago. Despite this, it still appears in the design layouts as a regular component without any error messages about deletion. However, attempting to navigate to its original component in the main file of the design system library does not lead to it, but into emptiness.

What could be the reason? Is this some kind of bug?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you try following steps?

If you still keep seeing the issue, could you reach out directly to the support team with a copy of your file:

Please make sure you use the email associated with your Figma account, include links to the file in question, and share access with Don’t worry, inviting us to view your file won’t impact your billing.