In comments, show my comments/threads by default

While design hand off, devs/PMs often use Figma as the sole source of truth. But, the overwhelming no. of comments scares them away and they end up missing important comments. This leads to a lot miscommunication and redundant discussions, especially in hybrid work environment.

Instead, by default, if a user only sees comments or threads that they are a part of - it would be quite easy to propagate and communicate designs. It will also lead to a more involved participation from across the teams.

I am aware of the cases where users may forget to mention somebody, and then users will anyway have to use the sort action to see comments. But I guess, this trade off can be afforded?

Thanks for the feedback, @Mehak_Samaiya1!

We’ll pass it along to the team for consideration and track the feedback and votes under this thread.

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