Improvements to Plugin Management

Managing plugins is cumbersome.

  • Your bookmarking doesn’t sync across personal and business accounts
  • Your bookmarks aren’t set to default
  • Some bookmarks appear in the side panel, others don’t
  • There’s general inconsistency in the bookmarking experience
  • Plugins aren’t categorised (which makes discovery hard)

Thanks for the feedback!

To address your first note (regarding bookmarks not syncing) – this is purposeful. Separate accounts typically have separate uses, so you’ll have to individually bookmark the apps you use on each account you have.

Regarding your 4th note – can you expand a bit more on what inconsistencies you’d like addressed?

Another issue (that has been mentioned a lot in other threads) is the total headache that is removing unwanted plugins. There is no way to do this, except for signing out of your Figma account, then signing back in, and at that point they’re magically gone.

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You can’t see bookmarks saved on your main interface. You need to select the menu to find them. For plugins I want to use all the time - they should be pinned on the main UI. And able to categorise them. It would also be good to improve the discoverability of these plugins.