Improve file size threshold for mobile prototypes

I have two mobile prototypes that present a “Prototype is too big for this device; try viewing it on a computer instead” notification.

Both are text-heavy, for different reasons. The first work may be considered editorial in nature, and contains several pages of long-form reading. The second work is a government form, with approximately 100 form fields. Each project has their own component library and foundational system (color, type) for efficiency and quality.

When I viewed “Resource use” I was shocked to discover their file sizes, which run 0.03 G (30 MB) each. :astonished: No wonder my iPhone is cantankerous.

If Adobe InDesign can handle twice—triple—quadruple—the amount of text in a single file in fraction of these output sizes, is it not possible to give UX applications the same strength and resiliency in the future, browser be damned?

Unfortunately, the popular recommendation to “split up the work across multiple files” only fragments what was initially a self-contained, accurate experience with regards to content, navigation, and task completion. All it takes is one crack to distract and spoil the illusion.

Help us, Figma, by enabling your wonderful application to mimic the design needs of reality, which can be far more complex in scope.

Love ya,

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