"Imported Components" using a lot of memory, but no external libraries are used

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We have two main libraries, a “Component” library and a “Data” library made up of text variables that we reference in the Component library.

The Component library is constantly running out of memory and says that Imported Components are using 30% or memory. I checked through the whole file and not a single external component is being used. Do internal instances of local components count as “Imported Components”?

If not, how could a few text variables use that much memory?

Hey @Kidhack ,
Yes, instance of local components count as Imported Components.
To give you some insight on how memory is being used, “Imported components” are components in libraries linked to your file. (they are local copies of external components that are created and reside in your file when you add an instance of a component from an external library to your file.)

These local copies are not visible to users on the canvas but they consume memory and are needed to establish a connection between your instance and the external main component. These local copies will remain in a file as long as any instances of an external component (even those that have recently been deleted or moved from an external library) are present in your file.

As a workaround, the memory used by these imported components can generally be lowered by updating their external main components after reducing their memory usage or by actively removing or detaching all instances of external components which you no longer need in your file.

If you’d need more assistance to reduce the memory usage in your design system, feel free to reach out to the team with a copy of your file: here
The support team can take a closer look at the file to investigate further. Be also sure to use your Figma account email, include link to the file, and share it with support-share@figma.com by inviting directly as an “Editor” (this won’t affect your billing at all).

OK. Still unclear. If I’m in a library file, and I have say, a checkmark icon component, that I then also use an instance of in the same library file for a checkbox, that is considered an “Imported Component”?

Sorry if you are still confused! To explain further, if you have a checkmark icon component defined in a library, that component would not be considered an imported component in the library.
Instances you create of that component in the library would reference the local component and still use memory.

Meanwhile, if you use this checkmark icon component in another external file, when you first add an instance to that external file it will import the component. This creates a copy of the component in the hidden canvas of the external file and it would contribute to the “Imported Component” memory usage.
Hope this clarify!

Thanks for the clarification.

So then what I don’t understand now is, if Library A contains instances that are only referencing components from Library A, than why would the imported component memory be over 33%?

Hey @Kidhack ,
Sorry for the late reply! This may happen if local styles or previously imported components are still stored in your file, but it would be great if we could take a deeper look at your file to confirm what in your file is contributing to this 33% imported component memory and how this can be removed/reduced. Feel free to reach out to the support team by filling this form here.
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with support-share@figma.com so they can take a closer look. Thank you!