Images going down in resolution automatically

I have recently noticed that the resolution of the images in my layout were pixelated, even though I have placed high resolution images.

  1. I place the high resolution images into my layout and they look great on screen, even @ 200.

  2. They look fine even after multiple closing/opening of the file.

  3. At some point, I notice that they have become pixelated.

  4. This affects the quality of the exported assets.

I wouldn’t care if Figma automatically lowered the dpi or quality like jpgs do but these changes are very noticeable.

Anyone else have this issue?

Hey @Steve_Yosh ,
Celine from the Community support, happy to help!
As a first workaround, can you please follow these steps to see if that helps?

  • Close and reopen the affected file
  • Close any other Figma files
  • Check your internet speed and connection to make sure your device is online
  • Using Figma in the browser: quit your internet browser application, then relaunch it.
  • Using the desktop app: right-click on the file’s tab and select Reload Tab.
    For more information, you can check our article: Image loading and performance

Also, it’s possible your image didn’t fully upload to our server when you first added it to the file. When you drop an image, the upload can take a bit more time depending on its size and the speed of your current internet connection. Thus, sometimes it can take a while for all of them to load properly and so they may appear blurry.
As a workaround, try reducing the image’s size then re-adding the image to the file, and leave the file open as long as possible so the upload can complete.

I’d also recommend using the Downsize plugin, to slightly reduce the resolution of the images in this file and see if that helps: here

I hope this helps a bit for you! Other community members may have encountered this issue, so let’s also keep an eye for any other insights or solutions they may have!