Icons in Widget PropertyMenu DropdownItem?

My colleague and I recently released this widget: Estimate Stickers | Figma Community

As an enhancement we’re adding the ability for users to select different shapes for the estimate stickers. We’ve written the code and logic to switch the shapes, and are finessing the UI.

Ideally we want to use the WidgetPropertyMenuDropdownItem with icons instead of words. But reading the documentation it appears WidgetPropertyMenuDropdownItem does not permit icons.

Here’s a very quick mock-up of what we’re trying to achieve:

We want to make the widget feel as FigJam-native as possible by copying the patterns used elsewhere in the Figma UI. Ideally we want it to look and act like this shape selector elsewhere in Figma, but with our own custom icons:

Is the UI in our mock-up possible using the widget API?

If not, is it on the roadmap as a future enhancement?

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I haven’t read the question but one note about the name of your widget: the word “estimate” doesn’t fit well here as it’s a rough calculation or judgement of the value. It is not an exact number. A better word would be “count” (calculate the exact number of stickers — count stickers).

That’s right, it’s not possible at the moment. I suggest you create a new feature request topic or edit this one by changing the topic category to #plugin-widget-api:feedback.

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Hi there,
Thank you for your suggestion! As admin, I have just edited the topic category to #plugin-widget-api:feedback so others can also vote and share their feedback fyi.


:wave: Hi @Gleb! Thanks for the reply.

I may need to clarify what the widget does. It does not count the exact number of stickers.

It is intended to be used when creating a Project/Product Roadmap, or to capture estimates made during Planning Poker.

You create cards representing tasks then use the widget to stick your rough calculation or judgement (estimate) of how many hours it would take to complete the task.

Additionally, the widget shows the sum of your chosen estimate values so you can get an understanding of the total estimated effort to deliver your projects.

Thanks @tank666 & @Celine_Doan for confirming the feature does not exist and moving this to the appropriate category.

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Ah, that makes perfect sense now, thanks for clarifying!

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