Icon doesn't change colour

Why the icon I have imported from Icon Plugin, changes colour when I put it on prototype? How do I turn it back to be black?

Here is a video recording of my screen to demonstrate what I’m meaning https://share.vidyard.com/watch/zQDbpd2LdwQX2bmQfhndbB?

When the icon is outside of my prototype - it’s plain black colour. When it’s inside my prototype - it changes colour to light grey.

How can I keep it always black?

@tank666 I wanted to ask if you could help me with this issue. I know you’ve been always helpful in all the questions I had regarding Figma. Thanks.

The reason is that the frame you’ve put the icons in has its blending mode set to overlay. If it’s set to anything other than normal or pass through, your colors will blend with the background in different ways.


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Thank you, you’ve been very helpful