I import a fig file from my computer, but some gif are missing when I open it. How can I fix this?

hello, I want to move a figma from one account to the other. I download it as .fig file, and import them to the other figma account. But after it’s done importing, when I open the file, a lot of gifs are missing. I tried multiple times, all the same. How can I fix this? Wonder what’s causing this.

Thank you.


Please check that the GIF is in a format that figma supports.
Another issue could be that the GIF file size could be large and it might not be properly imported to the file. So please check
that or else reduce the file size of GIF and import it again.

Hello @Judy_Ziyu_Zhu have you tried duplicating your file on the figma account that own it, Just to see if the gifs still showing in the copy? If so maybe give access to your file to your other account and then create a copy on your second account so you’ll own it.