I create a plugin that can convert image to base64

refer to

  1. How about having an option copy as base64?
  2. Export to base64

@user19 @Anwarul_Islam

I created a plugin that can convert image to base64


  1. run plugin https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1226170501704996152/Pwireframe
  2. select image
  3. click Copy as Base64 button

this is demo

automatically write base64 text to clipboard (require Figma to provide an API for writing to the clipboard)


Nice job! Would be useful to many

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I’ve encountered an issue with the current plugin that’s preventing it from successfully converting images to base64. Typically, I rely on the tool available at Image Base64 for this task. However, it would be much more convenient if I could perform this conversion directly within Figma, eliminating the need to upload images separately. Unfortunately, it appears that the plugin is currently experiencing difficulties.

image larger than 1MB experience memory issue, I will try to fix it


root cause: Figma text node not support large text

automatically copied to the clipboard when use in Figma desktop

you need to copy it manually when use in Figma browser,