I can't "Enable Interactive Components"

Hey guys,
recently we subscripted the beta for interactive components. My colleague managed to activate the Beta in the Prototype section. I do also see it, but the checkmark is disabled so I can’t activate it. We have a professional plan and are both admins in this project. Anyone with an idea what to do?

Thank you in advance !


The fact that your colleague got access to the beta doesn’t give you access to it. You should receive an email when you are accepted to the beta.

Hey Gleb,
thank you for your feedback. The interactive component beta was requested by our “owner” but we as designers are “admins”. Why is it possible that one of us get access and the other one not? Neither my colleague nor I clicked on any link. We just received this email:

The beta is working for my colleague but not for me… Do you have any more information on this topic?

It doesn’t matter what your roles in the team are and what teams you are in, beta access is given by email attached to the account. In the submission form there is an email field, you need to specify your account email there. Your colleague submitted the form with their email so they received access. The address which received this email got access. You need to submit your own email in the form.

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