I can never find the file I was working on :(

The recent section never shows ‘recent’ files. I can never find the files I was working on yesterday or day before.

I would like the recent section to show files in order of most recently opened to the old file. I dont know why I cant see the names of files as well.
I would like to see the files in the order I had closed them. Meaning - if I closed a file just now, it shows up as the first thumbnail. This thumbnail shows the screen area where I was working or stopped working at - this thumbnail becomes the first file, at the top left corner in the grid. the file that I had opened and closed before this one, will be the second file in the grid. So probably yesterday’s file will be in the second row may be… that way I can quickly find files easily.

Hello !
Sad to hear that
Do you have any screenshot that could illustrate what you say ?

Hey @Deshpande_Aditi have you tried to filter your files?
Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 17.05.33

I do not have a screenshot as such, it’s the view that we see in ‘Recents’ tab.
The files aren’t recent :woman_shrugging:t2:, they are in some different order

Yeah :sweat_smile:
The files do not get ordered as ‘last viewed’. I mean, may be they get ordered, but the order is incorrect :grimacing:.
The third file in this list is not the third last viewed file, more like file I viewed last week (not specifically, that’s just an example).

oh I think I figured it out. I share this folder with a team member. so I guess Figma tracks the recent files opened by both of us and not just me. that’s the reason order is probably messed up.
Thanks for suggesting solutions and going through the problem :slightly_smiling_face: @matteogonzalez and @Gayani_S

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If you go into your Recents tab (https://www.figma.com/files/) you will see the last files you have opened.

I dont know… I see old files.
Am I missing some settings somewhere?

Try changing these setings on your Recents page

It’s great that there is a search bar. But isn’t it time that search be improved a bit to have some filters, or enable regular expression search? Often when I am looking for a file, I’ll remember an exact phrase of text in the file. Or I’ll remember that I had smart animation on one of the prototypes. Being able to triangulate on characteristics (has flows, has smart animations, has comments, has n # of pages, has a page named “{some name}”, etc…) of a design would enable me to more easily find my file.