Hug contents bug with component properties

I have an auto layout (inside a component) set to hug contents, containing two items.Each of these items can be hidden with a boolean component property.

When hiding either one of them, the auto layout behaves as expected, adjusting its width to that of the remaining visible object, but when both are hidden - it reverts to the initial width, as if all content within it was visible.

As a temporary workaround I have included a 0px object as well in the autolayout, but this feels like exactly the kind of hack the new updates is trying to remove.

Any ideas?


Yep, also noticed that here. It’s not a component properties specific bug but happens on any kind of component instance.
The 0-px hack is the way to go for now… But I consider this a bug.

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+1 I wish the whole thing collapsed when both elements are hidden using the boolean property

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