How to swap libraries via local variants

Hello all, I’m trying to set some variants to swap between libraries when I drag a frame into another section, but when I try to reach all libraries , it does’t list my libs. Is it a bug or something?

Hey, there. Is your library published?

Hey @rodlouzada ! In order to use the same library between different files, you need to publish your library and import it to the file you want the library to be at.

You can check out how to publish your library here.

You can import the library going to the file, assets, library icon, and select the published library.

Hope this helps!

Yup! All published. I’m using both libraries in other files, they are showing in assets an all. But when I go to the variants, it doesn’t show nothing.

Hi Rodrigo! Can you also make sure that the variants for each set have the same names so the swap can work? (more information here:

If this still doesn’t work, would you mind reaching out to our team and, please provide a link to your file and share it with (so they can try to replicate it to check if it is a bug) here: Thank you!