How to stop things turning invisible?

My apologies if this has been asked before. Couldn’t find a solution in my searches.

I’m working on some mobile app wireframes in figma and without my control, shapes, fills and text just turn invisible.

They are all still there as they highlight when I hover over them but I can’t see them otherwise. This will sometimes switch between different elements when I refresh the page. Some lines or rectangles will vanish, a white background is suddenly grey or some text I had up has disappeared.

Everything is all there when I hit present in the prototype view, but having things just disappear on me is quite jarring when I’m still changing things.

Nothing changes when I bring things to front and it’s not the opacity either.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Would be greatly appreciated. I’m using a galaxy tab S8, and also an old hp convertible.

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Same problem here. Not sure what caused it, or what to do with it