How to smooth the jagged edges of SGV icons?

Hi, good afternoon~
Hi all, I’m having a very bizarre issue with SVG icons created by Figma.
For example, the icon I created in Figma looks perfect and the edge was very smooth.
But once the icon was converted into SGV, the resolution of the icon will drop sharply.
In particular, the corner of the icon appeared jagged in the corner. And there is also a noticeable white outline around the icon.
I am a bit confused.
Could someone clarify what happened? and how to fix this issue?

Please show an example. It sounds like you are exporting a raster icon instead of a vector one.

Hi Gleb,
Thanks for your reply.
I created the icon in Figma. please find the images below:

When I export it into SVG, there will be little rough around the corner.
The icon will be used in a interface of software.
The software engineers I worked with also complained that the icon‘s outline is blurry and noticed that a tiny white line had appeared at the edge of the icon。

Thanks for your help!

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