How to set Interactive Background

So I did look this up ahead of time, but the most I found was a forum discussing a possible bug from over a year ago, but there was no concrete resolution.

I’m working on an interactive background that smart animates colorful background images. It’s a simple mockup when the prototype moves from frame to frame, but when I try to embed this in my actual Web design presentation, the image remains static and the interaction is broken.

Do yall have any thoughts on how to properly set this as a component or another possible fix may maintain my interaction?

[](https://Interactive Background)

@Mitch_Bechtold if you want to reuse a looping animation like this across multiple frames, I’d make the animation a component that animates between its variants using after-delay and smart-animate. Then add an instance of it to your designs/frames.

See prototype
Get the file

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Hey Mitch, thank you for reaching out! Could you share a link to your file with me so I can take a better look at it? Feel free to DM me.

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Just noticed this @Nate_G. I wasn’t thinking of each animation as a variant. Makes sense! Super helpful, thank you!

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Thanks @Gayani_S. Nate’s solution worked.