How to select hidden components as preferred values?

Hi, we have 3 pages of .hidden (unpublished) components (atoms, molecules, and organisms), that we do not want the designers to access from resources (hence the hidden). However if I’m trying to set up a component property instance swap with preferred values, you cannot even see the .hidden pages in the UI for preferred values, let alone the .hidden components. (The pages can be seen if any .hidden component is published, but all the other components on that page cannot be seen.) How can we use .hidden components in our preferred value curated set for an instance? We’d prefer not to expose any .hiddens just for the sake of using them as preferred selections. Thanks, Ben

I think I found one solution:
• To use hidden components in a preferred value set:

  1. Copy an instance of the .hidden component from the App Components Library
    Paste the instance into a “Supporting Components” section you create in the component or pattern page you are working on.
  2. Make that pasted instance into a local .hidden component, so it can be selected from the Preferred values (it will appear as soon as you access the “+” in the preferred values UI.

Any changes to that component in the molecular library will be applied downstream to the componentized instance.


Hi Ben, I may be missing something but I tried to follow this method but still can’t figure out how to keep from exposing the nested “atoms” in the assets panel yet have them available as preferred values when instance swapping for our uses. Essentially it’s still telling me any preferred instances need to be published for those to be accessed from the library. Are you able to access the preferred components when swapping and keep them hidden in assets when using these components in another file? Thanks!