How to replace image within component variant?

Hello :wave:

So I have a component, _Textfield/Right Icon, which has several variants.

I would like for the icon for the Valid textfield to get replaced with a checkmark, the icon for the Error textfield to get replaced with an exclamation point, and the magnifying glass icon can actually just go away entirely for Active. All three of these variants are within parent components, which are simply named Component 1, Component 2, and Component 3 (Components 2 and 3 are variants of Component 1).

Is there any way to swap out the magnifying glass with another vector image (checkmark and exclamation mark, in this case)? When I try to drag and drop the Vector into the component in the panel on the left, nothing happens.

And I could delete the magnifying glass, drag and drop the checkmark onto the art-board (where the magnifying glass was previously), and group everything together - but doesn’t this defeat the purpose of using a component in the first place?

I’m thinking that there has to be a way to replace the vector image within the _Textfield/Right Icon component variants…I’m just not sure how.