How to rename layer name with instance/component name

Hey everyone,

After using the “clean document” plugin, my variants are named according to their properties instead of the component name.
Meaning my instance layer is named “propertyA=yes, propertyB=yes, propertyC=no” instead of “component name”.

Is there a way to automatically revert this/fetch the component/instance name correctly? A plugin or a workaround?

Thank you

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Figma uses naming a lot to figure out how to do stuff, and the same goes for variants.
Since variants are just different versions of a single component, Figma uses these properties and values internally to differentiate them as variants of a single component. When bringing out components from your asset library though things should look as you expect. It might feel more natural to give them names that make sense to you, but in the end, the instance names are as they are supposed to be and all you have to worry about is the name of the component set itself.

I have the same problem and since this original post hasn’t gotten many responses think we need to clarify the issue a bit. While @Klesus is correct that when pulling instances onto the board layer name is given what we’d expecting, something like:


But if we use a plugin “clean document” in the posters case or in my case the plugin “Rename it” the layers don’t get set to the Symbol or Instance names like the above, it gives us the properties like so:


I don’t know if this is as intended or a plugin issue but would be nice that it just sets to the typical symbol name, I don’t need to see a long list of props for every instance layer.