How to remove "stacked" exports from elements all at once, or revert to default settings?

Hi, I’m new to Figma and I recently added the Default Export plugin, and I must say the plugins are very confusing so far using the prompt menu.

I don’t understand it at all.

Anyways… I installed this plugin to change my default export settings to 2x and JPG every single time. However, this plugin didn’t change the default, it just stacked as multiple exports.

Now instead of speeding up my workflow, it’s worse, because I have to press the minus on every export, otherwise it exports both stacked presets and each file I export is in a zipped folder that I have to extract every time.

Is there a way to reset all of these export options to not be stacked with multiple export options anymore?

Hey @colin_pb, sorry to hear this!

We don’t normally provide plugin support, as our moderation team usually check that the plugin works as expected upon approval. Then, the creator of the plugin will list a direct support contact on their plugin page, which in this case is:

It looks like you commented the same to Karl, and he left you a reply about 10 hours ago. Hopefully it helps address your issue!