How to remove a fill style?

So I mistakenly made fill styles when I wanted to make a color styles. I now can’t find a way to remove the fill styles, which are annoying because they show up whenever I pick a color now. They are duplicates of the color styles and appear first. For example:


Is there a way to remove these fill styles from the library menu?


Figured it out. For those that have this issue, the fill styles are stored in local variables. Click on an empty space on the canvas to bring out right side menu to the styles menus. From there, towards the top there is a text “Local variables”. Click that and there you can see the fill styles and delete them.


Thank you soooo much!

Thanks a lot. it is useful :ok_hand:t3:

how to remove variable color from this

This has been bugging me now for two hours and thank you SO much for this. Son of a gun lol.