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How to persist color overrides between instance swaps?

User case:

Simple button that uses an icon of color, which I’d like to keep after swapping it with another icon. It’s very common use case and I have no idea how to achieve. Currently I’m messing up my designs by re-applying color in each and every instance in each and every design after each and every swap.

Design System loses it’s value if designs are not set up to follow it. So I really would like to know this.

Here’s what I’ve learned about this: Color overrides, and in fact all overrides, only persist if the swapped components have the same layer structure. If your icons have a different number of “vector” layers, only the number of layers from the original icon will transfer their color overrides to the swapped-in icon. If you can merge/group any vector shapes in your icon using the “union” operation, they will look like one layer and the color override should persist when swapping. Hope this explanation made sense!