How to only have 1 active component within a large grid of components (3x10)?

I am trying to figure out how exactly to go about this issue. I need to create a large grid of squares (3x10) where only 1 component/square can ever be active and if clicking on a different square, the previously selected one becomes unactive and instead, the new one becomes active.

When trying to solve this issue for a single row, it is quite easy (as the image below shows), I just created a base square component with (active and unactive), then made a row of instances, turned this into a new “row” component, then made variants of this component to cover each possibility

The issue I am currently having is when I am needing to have multiple rows (such as a 3x10), where creating every possibility/combination/variation seems impossible.

Does anyone have any solutions?

Hi @Liam_Moore , Thanks for reaching out! I really enjoyed checking out the screenshot you shared. Your design looks fantastic!
We’ll take a look on our end to see if there’s any way we can offer assistance. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any updates.

In the meantime, would it be possible for you to share (a copy of) your file? This way, community members can dive into your prototype and perhaps brainstorm some creative solutions! Your input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help here.

Hello again!
I’ve researched on our end, and it appears that exploring our advanced prototyping features could be beneficial for your needs.
You might already be aware, but these features empower you to handle multiple outcomes within the same interaction setting, handling scenarios such as active and inactive states.

Multiple actions: You can set as many actions as you want on a single trigger.
Conditional: Set up rules that decide when an action should be initiated.

For in-depth information, check out our help center article here: Multiple actions and conditionals

I hope this information proves valuable. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to explore further!
Also, we welcome ‌any ideas or suggestions from our community, so feel free to jump in!