How to make transparent stroke

How do I make a stroke transparent and make everything behind it transparent. This is an example of the effect I’m trying to achieve.

Screenshot 2023-12-18 172705

Hi @weirdo_man

You won’t be able to achieve such a result with a transparent stroke. A stroke may be transparent but won’t hide anything below itself
I can see 2 ways of doing this :

  1. Use a stroke, set it to “outside” and manually pic its color so it’s the same as the one in your background
  2. Use a subtract selection so you can remove the “stroke” from the rectangle below:
    a. Add a stroke to the top rectangle, then disconnect it (cmd+shift+O or ctrl+shift+O)
    b. make sure the stroke is above your rectangle
    c. select them (rectangle and stroke) and use a subtract union

Hope it helped

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