How to make this modern hero shapes

Hey, I hope you’re all during great.

I just wanna know how to create this modern shapes for hero section. Check SS for reference.

Thanks, Any help is appreciated!

Hi there,
I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I recreated it with 4 shapes merged using Union selection - 2 rounded rectangles and 2 corner shapes.
The flow on the right shows I made the corner shape, then I simply rotated the corner to fit on the bottom-left side of the shape.

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Hey Uxcal,

Thanks for the help, but I guess I figured it out.

It was quite simple, you just have to take 2 rectangles, group them as union and increase their border radius.

Thanks, Have a great day!

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It seems my method was more complicated :sweat_smile: I realised that border radius is applied to both the corners and the edges where the objects meet. I learnt something new from you too, thanks!

Haha Yeah it was. You’re welcome Man, Have a great day.