How to make "Show more" for comment?

Any suggestions, link to tutorials how to add show more link/button for truncated text (like in image). How does it fits in the auto layout?

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First think I can think of is to create a component set. Variant A is going to hold the truncated text, and variant B for the full text. When you click on “read more”, you can change the component instance from variant A to variant B with smart animation if you like. Using a property for the comment content would be practical for future use.

To be able to truncate the text :
Figma comes with “truncate” option for text. You can apply that on the text.

Good luck.

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@Enes_K Hi, just wondering could you provide some suggestion on how to truncate half of the last line? Currently I’m doing it by creating several lines of text boxes, and only truncate the last one, not sure if there is any better way to do that.