How to maintain image quality when exporting at 1x

I need the image file in the exact file size I set the frame at to upload to a platform successfully.

However, when I export at 1x, the quality is distorted. Exporting at 2x fixes the quality issue, but now I have an image that cannot be uploaded to the platform because it’s twice the size.

Screenshare explanation:

I’ve spent the last 2 hours researching this, but I cannot figure it out :expressionless:


I’m not sure why your experiencing this, n windows I don’t have the same problem.

You can try this, export it in 2x and open it in a simple pic editor and resize it to 50% and see if that helps.

Edit: I also noticed your using Browser, Use the app an d it probably get fixed

Just tried both those suggestions, however neither one worked.