How to Give Access of Pre Build Components to Public Users through figma plugin

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I was very curious to know that how this Figma plugin give access to there Per Build Components to Public User , do Figma have such in build feature where you can store all your Figma components and public user can access those components from Figma plugin .

For Example

My use case is very simple i have few components which i need to give access to public user like shown in above video . I am aware of shared lib but its limited to teams , organization or invite only access .

But i see this plugin don’t ask for any permissions but still gives access to components through plugin .

Any resource would help :slight_smile:

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Hey @Adarsh_Kumar_Singh, Thank you for reaching out to us about the plugin behavior. I totally get that you need to find a way to share components publicly.

In that case, this suggestion might help: You can create a design file specifically for a few components that you want to share publicly. Then, you can either enable Link sharing permissions (anyone with the link) or consider the Sharing options: Publish to community.
To help you out, here are some details about the required permissions and preparation:

On a community page, when you click Open in Figma for a design file, a copy of the file will be added to your drafts.
You can find more information here: Duplicate Community files

You can also directly contact the plugin’s owner by giving them feedback on the comment tab on the plugin page or sending them a message using the support option on the right of the plugin page.
Here’s the link to the plugin you mentioned : Wireframe

I hope this information helps! If anyone else has any insights to share, please feel free to jump in!

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Hi @Junko3 thanks for responding but in this approach we end up exposing our component lib which i don’t want.

there is one Figma plugin API const newMainComponentObject = await figma.importComponentByKeyAsync(newMainComponentKey);

But in this case i need to provide access to user to fetch the Components from component key

I need similar behavior but avoid giving access to user to my component lib

is it even possible ? Basically my plugin should have Component lib access .

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Adarsh_Kumar_Singh, Thank you for responding! I really appreciate your detailed explanation!
I believe I now grasp the intent of your question, my apologies for the delay in understanding. I’ve been looking into this internally to see if we can offer any assistance.
I will keep you updated once I have any new information!

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Hello @Adarsh_Kumar_Singh, Thank you for your patience!

I’ve reached out internally and received the following response regarding your question:
There are currently two ways to provide access to components for public users through a plugin.

One method is as you mentioned previously.

The other option is to create the component from scratch using code, specifically through methods like createComponentFromNode or createComponent.

Unfortunately, at present, there’s no way to grant exclusive access to a component library specifically for a plugin.

Hope it clarify the things! If there is anything further we can help please don’t hesitate to let our community know.


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